Bournemouth Pier

Chapter 1 – The Social Media ‘Bunny’

An Introduction

So a brief introduction of me… Don’t you just hate when you are in an interview and the interviewer is just like “So…tell me about yourself.” And they just sit there waiting for you to impress them. What is there to say really? This is exactly how my interview at Cracking Media started. I had done all of my research of the company beforehand. Based on my initial impression of the company and how much I wanted the job, I had put a lot of pressure on this interview.

Don’t get me wrong; everyone gets nervous about interviews…of course they do! We all know that’s not the approach to take because you want to seem confident. For some reason that doesn’t always stop us. If there was one word to describe how I was feeling, it was not confident…frantic maybe?

The Application

I almost got lost on the way to the interview and woke up far too late to make myself especially presentable for the interview. In the end I opted for smart, printed leggings (black, with embossed pattern), a smart/ casual black strappy top and cardigan with minimalistic jewellery, hair down, natural makeup. Apart from the dramatic foundation line between my face and neck, I felt very happy with my choice of attire.

When I turned up to the address, I was a little surprised. The offices are actually in an old cinema. The cinema-esque layout still makes me hungry for popcorn…no really, every morning! Anyway, I was expecting to have an interview with Kate who I had been in contact with via email. Instead I was ecstatic to find out that the 2 Directors of the company would also be joining us (not really!).

“So…ice skating.”

…And the rest is history.

The Placement

Fortunately for me, I got the job! Not many students had applied even though it was advertised through the university. Maybe because it was only a 3 month placement. Maybe because the Santander scheme paid for it and confused students as to what the job was. Either way, I’m laughing now! All I had to do was try to be as useful as I could (no pressure) and maybe, just maybe they might ask me to stay.

In hindsight, looking back…I had a lot of motivation and drive. Pretty sure I was coming up with some good ideas too. I genuinely didn’t implement them or feel it was my place to suggest them. If there was any advice I could give to someone about to begin a placement is to ignore that hesitant instinct in you and just take Shia Labeouf’s advice and DO IT! (you know…in moderation).

I went to my first business meeting at a prestigious hotel, which was pretty cool. Definitely felt like a child sat at a table with people who know what they are doing. My brain was screaming at me to at least contribute so I don’t seem young or scared, but I don’t have the contacts like everyone else at the table. I had already researched the project before the meeting so wasn’t taking many notes either.

I can’t remember exactly what I said but I made a suggestion and claimed to be a “social media baby”. Just to be clear, what I meant by that is that I grew up during the rise of social media, which is why I am expressing the following opinion… My employer thought I referred to myself as a ‘bunny’ and didn’t let me forget about it for a few weeks. I still cringe internally just thinking about it.

Here is a little piece of advice that I feel I have the expertise in, to recommend. Based on my many experiences of this, I can honestly say it has a 100% success rate. If you want to make an impression or break the ice, all you have to do is…

Embarrass yourself.

(I’m serious)

Another Marketer involved in the project didn’t seem to like my opinion – awesome! Not even started and I am already grating on people. At this point it is clear to me that I was fated to be a marketer. I am a natural in the business world. *ehem* Actually…I was seriously questioning my decision to take an Events and Marketing course at this point. That thought soon passed though don’t worry.

At the end of the project, there were some communication issues so we didn’t actually achieve the aim to raise the ambitious target of £100,000 for two charities, after accounting for costs to fund the project. It was not a personal project of the company’s however we were a sponsor of it and involved in their social media and production of their photo and video content.

We weren’t responsible for the success or failure but it was still a little disappointing for my first project. Still an amazing first project to be involved with! Although that didn’t quite go to plan it was definitely a learning experience about how important communication is. Sometimes people make promises and don’t follow through. Even in the business world. You have to be prepared for that.

Fast-forward to now, I am returning as a full-year placement intern, taking on a different role than I had before and am really happy to be here. Looking forward to some exciting projects throughout the year and will update you on how my experience is progressing!