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Guerrilla Marketing for Small Businesses

Go beyond thinking outside the box…

All you need is your imagination…and some fairy dust. Guerrilla marketing is by no means a new thing. But fortunately for us, the idea was designed for small businesses with low budgets. Guerrilla Marketing is a low cost, high-fun way to communicate with your audience. You can go wild and make it unique. It is usually in the public eye and excites and astounds you, leaving a lasting impression beyond the experience. Just stop what you are doing for 1 minute. Think about any unique marketing you have seen that really stood out to you.

You got one?

Good. Even though you were put on the spot you probably came up with at least one. Say you saw a flashmob campaign for children’s ballet dance classes and I say to you one day “uh I wish I knew where to find a ballet studio, my daughter really wants to start!” you would almost immediately remember that quirky campaign you saw and recommend it to me as a possibility. Do you see what I am getting at? But if you saw another company do basically the same campaign, you may be slightly amused at most – but it won’t be quite so effective, because your experience wasn’t thrilling or new. This is why your campaign should be truly innovative and personable to your business. Guerrilla marketing thrives on new experiences for its target audience.

What is it you want to say?

Cut yourself some slack when doing this. It takes time to come up with a message for your campaign and how you are going to get this message across. I know I know, some small businesses don’t make annual marketing plans with a main goal to achieve. Make your concept strong. Be visible. Your aim is to stop people in their tracks and (gently) force them to pay attention. And in today’s society, who hasn’t got their phone at the ready to grab a quick snap of their Costa coffee cup, a cute selfie…or hey maybe even your campaign?

You know how scary film trailers make you jump…

Some of the most successful campaigns evoke emotion in their audience the same way. If it ties in with your message, then shock is a strong and memorable emotion that works wonders. We remember things that we personally have been a part of. If they responded emotionally or maybe even physically – then well done, you have done your job. If you manage to do this, you have pretty much engraved a positive, memorable experience with your brand in people’s minds. If you change the way they think, the positive association becomes even stronger! (Usually – as long as you don’t offend anyone…)

Incentives – Would you like fries with that?

“So what’s in it for me?” Even if it isn’t directly related to your business, a delighter or incentive really takes your campaign to the next level. If you give them ‘evidence’ to take home with them, they are going to be exposed to that same piece of marketing on more than one occasion. Or you can do it more than once to attract maximum exposure! Result! So make it fun while you are at it. Business cards with a twist…a keychain…FOOD! If it’s free, we love it all.

If you want the audience to do something, this is where you put the incentive. Provide them with a reason for adding this extra task to their day.

1-2-3! Easy as G-U-E-(rrilla marketing) – Make it fun!

Lets make this step as simple as possible. Don’t make your campaign a chore for people. If it is too much effort, with no reward, no one will be interested! Make it fun. Make it easy. Keep it short and sweet.