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Social Media management is easy right..?

Anyone and everyone does it so yes it’s easy…

You sign up for an account at Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linked In or any of the many other emerging social media portals and start posting..!


Successful social media campaigns take dedication and awareness…

If your goals for Social Media are to improve your profile and create business opportunities, then the content you produce needs thought and focus if it’s to be productive for your business.

The first job is to clearly define your key objectives for social media by preparing killer branding and content to back up your posts. Have a clear vision of how you want the social media world to think of you. Do you want people to think of you as a provider of high quality, fast turnaround, customer friendly or maybe cutting edge in your field. It’s very important to narrow your branding messages as being all things to all people rarely works.

Why build Social Media connections?

Social media is all about building connections and building connections takes time. Whether in the virtual world or the real world connections are all about trust and providing useful, trustworthy content is the first step. The social media world is constantly changing so be sure to stay abreast of updates to social media functionality such as uploading images, videos and other content, keep an eye out for new portals in your field that can be tapped into and don’t waste time on ones that miss your target audience.

Always measure the results of your work on social media sites. After your social media campaign has been running for a while, determine whether you are making any progress and if so is it meeting your goals.

Be very aware of the numbers… Check the number of people responding to your posts and social media offers, make a note of the number of people who are subscribing to your content and connection lists. Most of all pay particular attention to responses you’re getting to posted content.

Only by doing this will you start to understand what you need to change to improve your online reputation with killer content that really hits the mark…