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Who’s Marketing Who? Co-creation

Customers are not just spectators who absorb marketing campaigns and accept it these days. They are very much a part of the creation and marketing themselves and you should tap into this opportunity to create a personal experience around your brand.

Part of the reason for Social Listening is to create an experience for your customers, and for this to be seen by other people that may be interested in your products or services. Try to think of yourself as the customer. You probably trust another person who has used the product or service more than the company itself, and might even look into reviews before committing to buy it.

If you encourage your audience to make their own content around your product and publish it to the Internet, you are adding value to your business and possibly reaching more people than before. Also, by not focusing on transactions or sales all the time, you are probably likely to get more of them.

Be aware that people are attempting to do things for themselves before going to a business for help. It is so easy for them to access information from a trustworthy person that can walk them through a process on YouTube or online forum. Perhaps scan the Internet for the information that might hinder your sales, and prioritize these users who uploaded the content as ones you would like to engage with.

By scanning the web for readily available information that may be hindering your sales you may find the places already being visited by potential customers. If this is the case should you not prioritise these platforms as ones where you become the accepted expert..?