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5 Reasons why your business should have a Blog

Blogs started out as a online Journal but in more recent years they have developed and become not only a way to share personal experiences but also to share interesting information. This change is enticing more readers to the subjects they are interested in and also to keep returning for updated information. For this reason they are also becoming more popular for businesses..

Why is that?

I wasn’t too sure either as I have never written a blog before, so I had to do my research and I learnt a lot! I had to narrow it down to 5 points of why blogs are good for a business, and this is what I found..

Blogging can improve SEO

Blogging keeps your website fresh and up to date with content…Google loves this! they treat blogs as another web page so by having more ‘web pages’ with the key words you have used, the more likely your website will be shown on the first page of a search engines results. This then means…

An increase in traffic to your website

If you are struggling to get website views then this is a cheap easy way of advertising your site.

If potential customers are trying to find a service a lot like your business provides, key words are vital in your blog. When they search for a services and the words they have used are in your blog, well lucky you, because this will show on the results page, increasing views on your blog and then leading them to your website.

You can speak directly to your customers

A blog is a great to speak to customers on a personal level. Blogs are also another way to get across information that you couldn’t fit onto your website. This way you aren’t overloading your customers with information on the regular pages of your website, they then have the choice to choose what information they want.

Support for customers

any additional questions or issues your customers may have can be answered through a blog, a lot like a help page, this can include solutions for common asking questions.

and last but not least….


Blogs can be a great cheap way of promoting your business. You can send out new posts that feature information about upcoming events or new products that are being released. By having blogs that releases new and exciting information you may find you create a group of followers.

So I hope you have learnt a little bit more about blogging, because I sure have! Business Blogging is becoming more popular and if your business hasn’t tried it then give it a go because by the looks of it, it can really help improve overall results when gaining more customers.

Becky Vale-Bayliss – Cracking Media

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