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No Nonsense Branding

Crazes and trends are inevitable. There is one around every corner. Marketers unfortunately, for them and audiences tap into pretty much every one. But what would happen if you took the marketing budget and creativity away? Are there benefits to having a raw, authentic, simple brand?

Is branding suppose to look pretty or is it suppose to work?…Not for form over function.


One example of a brand that keeps it simple, is one we all know and love. Google. You’ll have noticed that Google recently updated their branding through changing the font; something that doesn’t happen very much with this particular brand. Other than that, the colours have stayed the same. The search engine is still on a blank white screen. It really is as simple as that. And how successful is Google?

In fact, some people believe that Google’s makeover was a distraction or intention to seem friendlier as people are becoming more aware of the data that Google records of us and provides for other companies. A brand that we know and trust, that is there to help us when in actuality it is much more powerful than that.


Another well-known one is Apple. If you try to find the background behind the Apple branding you’ll find many conspiracy theories thrown out there and deep hidden meanings behind an apple, but ultimately be disappointed to find that the Apple logo was made the way it is because without the bite, the logo looked like a cherry when made small.

The apple in the first place, also had no significant meaning that has been confirmed, but what we do know for sure is that Steve Jobs worked in apple orchards when he was young. Perhaps this is the only reason. Nevertheless, it was a simple, no nonsense brand that has made it massively successfully in the tech world. No fancy branding. No pretentiousness about the logo. Just an apple.


A lot of experts, marketers, branding companies and other business people stress the importance of creativity, complexity and unique brands. There may be pros and cons to this, but at the end of the day, the brand image itself is not enough to be successful. Content and following through with the quality of your product or service is what really counts.

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