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Websites for Start-up Businesses

Are you starting up a new business?

Are you unfamiliar with the technicalities of digital marketing?

If so, there are a few things to consider before cracking on with building a website, then displaying your products and services on the internet for the whole world to see.

Yes, DIY website development using templates and online builder tools are an option, at first glance they appear easy, however there is always a learning curve and they lack the flexibility needed to truly match your branding. Some systems restrict you to a number of pages or functionalities then charge small amounts for extras that all add up, so your free or cheap website deosn’t look so cheap anymore.

Another consideration is a personal one, you already have many other responsibilities to your business, so do you have the extra time needed to develop a successful website that will work at it’s full potential..?

Even if you do have the time (so to speak), these free sites often hide your content anyway in the code! It is in the interests of the website template or builder to promote their own business above yours, so you may end up with their banners on your site. This is especially true of free and low cost systems.

Here at Cracking Media, we recognise that your business and website is unique to you, we therefore provide you with our highest quality website service whilst integrating your needs and requirements. We also offer our expert advice to help maximise your potential online exposure.

New business website build advice

Here are some things to consider when building your new website:

  • Web Design that emphasises your brand
  • Search Engine-friendly
  • Mobile Friendly (more important than ever before)
  • Simple, fast contact form for visitor ease
  • Online photo gallery
  • Optimised Social Media Integration
  • Embedded Video Player
  • Consider cloud-based, pro email

Feel free to contact us and tell us how many pages you would like on your new website or ask about flexible payment terms (monthly/ annual payments). We can help you build a professional online profile, so you can confidently display your website address on invoices, business cards and vehicles, knowing that when people find you online they will discover a truly professional looking business, your business…

Just call 01202 532 522 or email


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