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Ten top tips for creating your business video With the advent of cheaper and cheaper video cameras many business owners
For good video, record good audio Never underestimate the power of clear audio in your videos... Video as a visual
Working for your customers can be bad for business This is an odd one but stick with it... Customers can
Settle an argument in 1 second Prior to the late 19th century, most pictures of galloping horses showed the horse
Graphic Design Counts The correct design is an important part of successful communication and user experience (UX). Graphic design implemented
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Why Your Website isn’t Working Posted on August 8, 2012 by Amanda Ferris Do you want the visitors that flock
Has the “Inspiring a Generation” Games inspired your business? After 17 days during which we have watched 26 sports, over
Very Simple Video Checklist Making a simple promotional video presentation requires much care and attention. Here’s a very simple video