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Automation Email Design

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Campaign Design

Consideration needs to be given to the layout and design of your campaign. The better quality the messages, creative design and mailing list the higher the conversion rates are likely to be. That is not to say that the prettiest message will return the highest conversions, as with any campaign a clear message, clear benefits and strong call to action are all key features that require consideration.

Automation Follow Up

Follow Up Automation

Automated email campaigns are very similar to direct mailing campaigns via snail mail, with the same principals applying to both. The better the quality of the message, the focus of the design and the quality of the mailing list the higher the conversion rates are likely to be.

Automate Your Business and Marketing

Automate Your Business

  • Generate
  • Automate
  • Convert

With cloud services and website integration there are many options available for streamlining your business processes through automation. CRM Systems, High Visibility Landing Pages, Email Campaigns and invoicing among others, can be automated to create a flexible effective way to raise awareness of your products and services, through to conversion then invoice.

Updating customers of your new offers can be automated using a marketing calendar of pre-planned campaigns sent out via Email, Social Media, all the time helping to educate customers whilst reinforcing your message.

Automation Analytics

automation analytics

Automation Analytics

With all these elements in place can you really send out to your list, sit back and wait for the flood of business?

Although this “scatter gun” approach may bring some success, targeting the right recipients could be the secret to optimising results.

Segment and Target

Analytics can give you vital data for use in tailoring your marketing for specific types of customer. Measuring critical data such as gender, age groups and devices used will give you a clearer picture of how these customers are digesting your content, whether that be on your Landing Pages, Social Media or any other portal that provides analytics. This information should be used to increase open rates, click throughs and conversions. Good analytics is crucial in streamlining your campaigns to produce the best leads.