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Writing Articles for SEO

Writing-articles-for-SEOWriting Articles for SEO

With the rise in blogging and more recently the growing power of sharing your blog through social media, it’s easy to get focused on putting new articles on your website without considering the SEO value of the content.

As great as Social Media is for sharing your content with contacts and friends, if you want to extend your reach beyond that it’s vital you spend some time and effort making your blog content Search Engine Friendly.

Before you post your blog article, come up with a list of keywords that are relevant only to the subject you are writing about from within your text, then make sure these keywords are used in strong keyword phrases.

Another approach is to make a list of keyword phrases from within your industry, then build your article around these. Next, use best search engine optimization practices to give you a better chance of getting the most out of your keywords.

Try to use words or phrases that will stand out like a headline in your text, did you see one in the previous sentence..?

When doing this consider:

  • Correct placement in the Article 
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword emphasis

Another under used technique when writing blog articles is to do keyword research in advance. Doing this tells you what people in your sector are searching for, giving you the opportunity to target your content to their needs.

Keyword research before writing your blog articles is a great technique that will attract more readers to click through to your website.

Even after your blog post is published, it’s good to remember you can continue to optimise the blog page with the comments you make in reply to others. Continue to attract search engines back by using specific keyword phrases within your comments, remembering to not overuse them.

Good use of Keywords

So What is Demographic Bidding..?

demographic-bidding-adwords-300x167So What is Demographic Bidding..?

Google have announced that demographic bidding is now available for all AdWords advertisers.

Demographic Bidding is a feature that helps you target your ads to specific age groups (such as ages 18-24), by gender, or to combinations of both.

Demographic bidding can be used whether you are using contextual or placement targeting also with both CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) bidding and reach can be refined based on users’ gender and age on certain sites in the Google content network, for users who provide that information about themselves.

Users of partner sites won’t be identified through Demographic Bidding as AdWords receives the data in anonymous and aggregate form from participating sites.

Why Demographic Bidding gives you more control

Demographic bidding lets you display your ad campaigns on thousands of websites, that’s nothing new, however demographic bidding gives you the option to have your ads only seen by men, women or both in a specific age group of your choice. If you add in the ability to choose to run ads only on specific websites, ones relevant to the types of customers you want to reach – and if you are a business that serves a local community, then just run those ads to people in your area, this becomes a really powerful marketing tool.

Overall, demographic bidding gives you more control over who sees your ads. Combine this with the measuring tools available in your Adwords account and ad performance testing for specific demographics will help you adjust your bid modifiers and restricts to reach the right audiences.

Demographic Bidding will help you to get a better ROI.

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Websites for Start-up Businesses

Websites for Start-up Businesses

Are you starting up a new business?

Are you unfamiliar with the technicalities of digital marketing?

If so, there are a few things to consider before cracking on with building a website, then displaying your products and services on the internet for the whole world to see.

Yes, DIY website development using templates and online builder tools are an option, at first glance they appear easy, however there is always a learning curve and they lack the flexibility needed to truly match your branding. Some systems restrict you to a number of pages or functionalities then charge small amounts for extras that all add up, so your free or cheap website deosn’t look so cheap anymore.

Another consideration is a personal one, you already have many other responsibilities to your business, so do you have the extra time needed to develop a successful website that will work at it’s full potential..?

Even if you do have the time (so to speak), these free sites often hide your content anyway in the code! It is in the interests of the website template or builder to promote their own business above yours, so you may end up with their banners on your site. This is especially true of free and low cost systems.

Here at Cracking Media, we recognise that your business and website is unique to you, we therefore provide you with our highest quality website service whilst integrating your needs and requirements. We also offer our expert advice to help maximise your potential online exposure.

New business website build advice

Here are some things to consider when building your new website:

  • Web Design that emphasises your brand
  • Search Engine-friendly
  • Mobile Friendly (more important than ever before)
  • Simple, fast contact form for visitor ease
  • Online photo gallery
  • Optimised Social Media Integration
  • Embedded Video Player
  • Consider cloud-based, pro email

Feel free to contact us and tell us how many pages you would like on your new website or ask about flexible payment terms (monthly/ annual payments). We can help you build a professional online profile, so you can confidently display your website address on invoices, business cards and vehicles, knowing that when people find you online they will discover a truly professional looking business, your business…

Just call 01202 532 522 or email


Start with the Basics to Look Professional

Get the basics right to Look Professional

These are the things that all businesses should have, they are relatively inexpensive, quick to develop and give you a professional image that becomes a great base to work from.

Start with a well planned and easy to navigate web site. This web site should be well-optimised during the development phase which will save money on future SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and help you start to climb the search rankings quickly.

Consider your logo, does it need to be refreshed, modernised or replaced with a new one? Are the images on your site bright and clear or were they snapped on a phone. A combination of all these elements that fits your requirements will help you stand out from the crowd.

Use Clear Visuals to Create a Strong Message

Use Clear Visuals to Create a Strong Message

Using clean but strong visual elements to promote your products or services offers you greater benefits than ever before and a great example of this is video.

Video is widely acknowledged by viewers as trusted information with sites like becoming the first choice for many when searching a topic online.

Add to this the integration of all the elements you need to run a marketing campaign, such as social media management, SEO and analytic reporting and you have the best combination to help you build an audience for your business…

Here is some of the different types of media you can add to your marketing:

  • Promotional video
  • e-commerce photography
  • User experience and testimonial video
  • PR photography
  • product demonstration/training videos
  • podcasts/video blogging

In today’s competitive business world it’s so important to present a great image.

Digital Media for Marketing

Digital Media for Marketing

Today there are more ways to to reach customers than ever before. Common terms you hear are ‘I’ll Google it’, ‘Did you see that video on Youtube’ and ‘I found it on the web’ and as more people turn to the internet to find products and services it has offered businesses a chance to reach more people than ever before.

Marketing on the web has also levelled the playing field somewhat for smaller businesses. Once it was the big companies that could afford to print glossy brochures and use large distribution networks across the country to get them into homes and businesses.

With web based marketing you can have the glossy brochure on your web site and use search engine optimisation, social media and youtube videos to distribute your catalogue online. Having a digital presence with style and functionality can go a long way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and add real value to your business.

What Digital Media would work best for you?

Think about what type of promotion you think would work the best for your business. Is your product a visual one or does it have many features for the price? Smartphone, tablet and computer manufacturers are building devices with improved screen resolutions and colours, this gives you the oportunity to ‘wow’ people with what you have to offer. Whether it is the use of a video to show the features of a product, an easy to use and well-optimised website (your glossy brochure) with high quality photography to show the range of your products or a combination of all these, the right digital media will help you stand out from the crowd.

Some digital media ideas you can use in your marketing:

  • Promotional videos, hotel or customer experience videos, product demonstration videos. The opportunities for using video today to promote your business products or services are almost endless.
  • Website design and development, content management systems (CMS), ecommerce sites, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management. All these tools will help you to generate leads and grow your online audience.
  • Product photography, hotel promotional photography, PR photography, website photographs. In today’s competitive business world it’s so important to present a great image.

Get ‘Cracking’ with your marketing today…

Bespoke UK Web Design

Bespoke UK Web Design

The internet is rapidly changing and with improved web site technology your web site can now work much harder to attract new customers and develop your business. The power of the internet can help develop your website into one that performs beyond your expectations.

Your website visitors are potential clients, so building a site with them as the focus is a key to success. There are new marketing tools available to you, that help generate higher response rates 24/7, whilst offering you more data for measuring website use to help you improve on under performing areas of your site and to do more of what people like.

Get the Best from the Web….

Here are some of the services that you can take advantage of to help make this happen:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • A web design in tune with your business
  • Social media, brand awareness & PR
  • Strong ‘Call to action’ building lead generation
  • Measuring return on investment (ROI)

Good web design, ease of use for visitors and effective SEO is an important combination for enhancing your brand and direct marketing.

Here are a few things you should know about Cracking Media:

  • We’ve developed and implemented online strategies for national and international companies
  • Our experience in professional photography and video services will help to enhance your online profile
  • Cracking Media have experience of developing web sites since 1997 in multiple sectors