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6 reasons why you should offer online coupons on social media

Word on the street is we are all pretty savvy when it comes to finding a bargain. And I’m sure you’ve come across an online coupon before…But have you considered using one for your business? Apparently, consumers these days are quite the detectives…doing a lot of research before they purchase a product to see what is the best offer. If you offer a discount, this really could be the deal-breaker for securing customers.

If you aren’t offering this type of promotion, here are a few reasons why it could benefit your business:

– They are easy to track! Especially if you use different codes per social media platform – that way you can see where your customers are coming from. Not to mention you also get feedback that you can use in the future to target your markets. Win-win!

– Online coupons are convenient for consumers to share and don’t require too much effort. This also opens up the potential for conversations to start about your products/ services.

– Reduced costs on printing and distribution – Who doesn’t love that?

– You’ll be showing your appreciation to existing customers. Saying thank you for staying loyal by rewarding them with a coupon will reassure them that they are important to you, and keep them coming back. It’s easier to keep existing customers than get new ones! Don’t forget about them, they are important.

– Coupons attract new customers! Social media is called social for a reason. Increase your reach by using Facebook and Twitter to promote the coupon so that your customer’s best friend’s cousin’s acquaintance and their dog knows about it. You can even appear on coupon websites to reach people who otherwise might not have come across your offer.

– Your social media pages can get more views! Think Return on Investment. As part of your discount campaign, a call to action might be necessary to get the deal, e.g. ‘like’ the Facebook page for a discount… Guess who is winning the popularity contest? That’s right, it’s you!

So all in all, offering a coupon can truly add value to your business to customer relationship. And the data you will collect is invaluable for your future campaigns. So what’s stopping you? Go and plan your coupon!