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If you feel locked out of Social Media, Blogging is the key…pt.3

The ROI of blogging

How do you work out if blogging is working for you then? Well…it will start off a slow process. You need to build momentum and keep people coming back.

You need to work out what it is you are aiming to achieve through your blog. You are investing time into it. A popular desirable outcome is something like increasing reach or interactivity online. You can monitor views, clicks and where they are coming from on your social media business pages. But the return you will see will not only be quantitative.

You will build a reputation as well as loyal relationships with your customers. You are present by regularly updating personable content. Not forgetting, that the more you are reading and writing about your topic area, the wiser your employees become in your field. You will use this when communicating with leads online as well as existing customers when delivering a product or service (giving you an expert and trustworthy appearance).

The benefits can be difficult to measure. Unfortunately, your potential leads can often see your content, go away and come back a few times before they convert to a customer of yours. You wont be exposed to that whole process.

Blog! Blog! Blog! It will get you and your employees knowing your brand like the back of your hand. Naturally, it will become engrained in the delivery to your customers and company culture too…