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Building Networking Relationships

On the whole it could be said that the human race is by nature “Borderline Narcissistic”.

Generally speaking we enjoy knowing that the things we do make a difference, hope that people notice our achievements, possibly even envy our brilliance and agree with our opinions.

let’s face it, if this wasn’t the case would Social Media have become the phenomenom that it is today..?

Of course we all have the freedom to have our own opinions and some will go to great lengths trying to change peoples minds, open their eyes, show them the error in their ways, etc…

OK, so where are we going with this..?

Researching a person can go along way to help you understand more about them and any mutual reasons you both might have for connecting. This can be on a business or personal level, and avoiding or putting aside your own opinions in the early stages of a relationship can prove very beneficial in the long run.

Just like any relationship it takes time to build a mutual respect. As time goes on your differences will be of less significance and give you the ability to see how others approach business. This is a great way to help overcome issues in your business as well as helping others, after all the best relationships are a two way thing.


If you’ve not got LinkedIn, get it, then connect with all the people you’ve just met. LinkedIn is based more on individual business people than a business as a whole and they may not be very active members but will almost certainly be on LinkedIn. It’s like a professional Facebook and can really go a long way in helping you and your business even if it’s just by referral.

Get Permission

Ask your connections if they would like to be added to the email listings? – Permission rather than just adding them to it, very important. Thank the event host Look for people who are influencers rather than just people who will hire you or you can hire.

Note down all those contacts you’ve met and where you met them.

When appropriate you can email people with useful content articles, for example if they, mentioned a problem to you, then if you send in some way an idea for a solution then it can be gratefully received as well as showing an interest in them.

Keep in touch

Don’t just think I’ve emailed once that’s me done. Make contact fairly regularly so that you are maintaining the relationship. When you go back to or go to another networking event, you’ll know more people so you’ll feel more comfortable, however though this is good for you it may not be good so far as your business is concerned.

Seek Out New Connections

Yes it’s important to maintain contact, say hello to those you have already met, however don’t spend all of your time with them! You’re networking to meet new people! I have to repeat that networking can be an increasingly uncomfortable experience, awkwardness can be currency of some events, but remember it’s not just you.

Don’t panic if someone doesn’t respond immediately or takes their time to respond, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. The business world can be a busy place, it can take time to build trust so don’t just give up!

Keep reaching out..!