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How to tackle Content Marketing – Be aware of your surroundings!

I guess you could say Content Marketing is one of the latest crazes! But some people have done it since marketing began.

So much plays a part in how we choose to deliver our content. Everything from our social and cultural groups to our individual preference affects how we interact with content. Not to mention the different tones and atmospheres on each social media platform that already exist, and how people are already using them.

If someone wanted to post a quick, witty comment about current events or something that happened in their day, they are probably more likely to use Twitter. Twitter is generally recognised for the sense of humour in the content.

Instagram of course is used differently. Do you see what we mean? This puts you at an advantage because you already know who it is that you want to talk to and the type of content to create.

But bear in mind too that people tend to behave differently behind a computer than face-to-face, including when they interact with businesses/ a brand.

Consider how you would deal with a customer in person; you wouldn’t take every customer out to a 3-course dinner with wine to discuss potential business opportunities as different customers are worth more to you. So you should do the same online.

Staying relevant can be a tricky and time-consuming task. Even if you are engaging with conversations regularly, you may find yourself having similar conversations or even pestering people.

You are probably thinking how do I avoid pestering my customers? And still stay relevant in their minds? Get involved with or start conversations about relevant topics that are happening locally or even globally as well. Don’t only post about your business. And post where conversations are already happening.

Tip: Make sure you keep the values of the business throughout any opinions you or a colleague expresses towards controversial topics.