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Interruption Marketing

Is Interruption Marketing annoying or successful? For anyone in marketing or you business owners out there, this could be something of a grey area for you. And rightly so! It’s a risky marketing technique and the last thing you want to do is make your customers run a mile in the other direction.

If you aren’t sure exactly what Interruption Marketing is, here are some examples:

  • Cold Calls
  • Pop-ups on websites
  • Email campaigns
  • TV/ Radio/ Newspaper Adverts
  • Adverts on the bus!

The problem with Interruption Marketing

Interruption Marketing could reel the customer back in right at the last minute if what you offer them is a discount or beneficial to them in some way. So why wouldn’t we as customers love Interruption Marketing?

Because everyone is doing it.

Businesses are over-saturating customers with constant promotions. So much so that consumers are just blocking it all out. Regardless of how good the promotion is. No matter if you offer them a free trip away or the biggest discount possible.

The problem with not doing Interruption Marketing

There just isn’t that many other options out there. While everyone else in the business world is reaching out to customers, you are just sitting back waiting for them to come. The truth is that they wont.

Perhaps minimize the frequency of contact with your customers but make it focused, personable and relevant to their needs and wants is the way forward.

Its all about the quality of your service when they do interact as well as how likeable and attentive you are when they get there.