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Making Email Marketing work for you

Some Email Marketing Tips you might not have thought of.

Email Marketing. It’s been around for a long time. So naturally, our accounts have been filling up with newsletters, updates, links and gifs from all of the various subscriptions we have signed up for at some point in our lives. So here is some food for thought. In and amongst our personal emails, there will most likely be promotional material being sent from yours and other companies. Nothing new there.

But what might not have crossed your mind is that even if say, 5 companies send 2 emails a month to their list of email subscribers. That is 10 promotional emails for one person to sieve through. Every month. That’s 120 marketing emails a year. Although we may be more selective about giving our email out nowadays, lets be honest, the majority of us probably have more subscriptions than that.

This puts you in a position where you really need to design your emails as if they are a whole separate marketing campaign. To put it bluntly, DON’T harass your email recipients. But DO personalize everything (and I mean everything) about your email.

It’s time to go undercover…

You are probably already doing this, but just in case you’re not. Here is one of the most basic things you should really aim to understand before sending out any emails at all. Who you are sending them to.

Are they busy people?

What is their lifestyle like?

Do they have kids?

Are they checking emails at work/ on their phones/ at home when they want to relax?

….And once you have asked yourself these questions you can combine the answers so that you know when the best time to reach these people is going to be.

And *side note* always have a reason to contact them. If it helps, segregate your audience into categories. Then only send relevant content to each category. That way, they are going to be happy enough to keep you on their subscribe list. Because that’s the whole point really isn’t it?

Miss Confidentiality

OK, so you’ve got the basics down. You set up your categories and designed the emails for each one. Just press send, and we’re all good right? Well…not quite. As easy as it is to CC all of the email addresses into one email with the content, click send and bam, all done. But here’s the thing with mass email distribution. Everyone can see everyone else’s details.

Here’s why that’s a problem. Not only is does it look unprofessional and it is sharing the privacy of your potential customers, but it could actually be a turn-off for customers. To avoid them hitting that un-subscribe button, personalise every email and send them individually, IF it could be interesting for the person receiving it.