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Is this the year for video marketing..?

Just last week there was a burst of excitement in the office, though not unusual the level of said excitement required further investigation.

Peter had just read an article proclaiming:

This is the year for the video marketing boom to really kick in’

We all had a laugh and normality quickly resumed.

So why the apparent flippancy about something other marketing people might consider ‘Hot News About Video Marketing!’..?

We’ve been around a while and have heard it all before, that’s not to say the statement is incorrect, just a little late possibly.

For those of us who remember early mobile phones that gave you a huge bicep after just a quick call, then it’s tech nostalgia time. For those that don’t, there’s Google. Search “The first mobile phones” and have a laugh.

Online video has been accelerating in growth since the days of the 56k modem. Only those of us of a certain age will remember the ‘Will it, won’t it connect’ feeling, and the lovely sound of our Personal Computer connecting to the ‘World Wide Web’ as it was known then.

At that time PC processing power and hard disk space were breaking new ground, this meant digital video editing no longer required dedicated linear editing systems with tape based storage hardware; There I am showing my age again.

Desktop video editing suddenly became a reality for more people than ever, and was about to break out from the arena of big businesses with big brand awareness budgets and Banks contracting household names for staff training videos.

As with all technology advances, electronics giants were quick to act, developing affordable consumer and prosumer level video cameras to suit all budgets, which in turn inspired the coding of low cost video editing applications that could be sold through the ‘World Wide Web’. Later we had the inclusion of basic video editing software in PCs with Windows or Mac OS; The online video wagon was gathering pace…

OK, so initially online video was highly compressed making it small and grainy with poor sound, and buffering so modems could cope with the data, however as with all things teccie improvements happened fast and have continued, giving us the beautifully clear video and audio that we enjoy today.

Every year during this time articles have been posted proclaiming something like:

‘This is the year for the video marketing boom to really kick in’

Video camera

Even more so since the creation of Youtube with video results being included in online searches. When add this to the introduction of ever more speedy internet connections, especially to the mobiles being carried by millions of us everyday, and you have a very potent marketing tool.

Here’s a proclamation for those of us who like to consider things a little beyond the headlines…

Online video marketing has been great for a long time and should always be considered as part of your marketing plan.

OK, so we got there in the end, but really, don’t wait any longer to see the results adding video to your marketing can bring.

Tell your marketing people you want video in your marketing or to learn more get in touch with Cracking Media for a no obligation chat…

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