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What is Internet Marketing?

An overview of the nitty gritty…

Increased sales through Internet marketing

In simple terms Internet marketing is nothing more than the benefits of the Internet being used for the purposes of marketing. Just like any other type of marketing it is commercial communications, only distributed via an Internet connection Rather than other traditional means. This can be through different channels such as but not restricted to your website content, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing or email. The general objectives of this form of marketing are the same as traditional marketing, those being sales growth, increased market share and name recognition or brand awareness to help your distributors.

Typical Internet Marketing…

Website/Blog marketing

Posting articles on your website allows you to share your experience, knowledge and latest information with your target audience. These articles are generally categorised as blog posts. Blog posts are also great places to share hints and tips about the use of your products as a supplement to FAQs. By regularly adding new content you also attract search engine interest giving a greater opportunity of better results in online searches

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Your business is placed in areas that contain the customers that are looking for your products or services! To ensure your target audience finds you, SEO keyword research is combined with various online ad campaigns. This marketing technique tends to bring immediate success which is highly measurable, so can be constantly optimised to move with market trends!

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is becoming ever more critical, since a better position in the search results gives more customers the chance to find you. Recent updates to the way in which search engines list the results have given genuine businesses a much better opportunity of ranking high. The primary objective for SEO management is to increase the number of visitors to your website, thus increasing lead generation.

Affiliate Marketing

There are two sides to affiliate marketing as an online sales solution. For the product provider you have the opportunity to increase your marketing reach via adverts on third party websites, either via PPC or as a direct affiliate on a commission basis. An affiliate might be an expert in your business sector with no product to sell, so sharing their knowledge whilst promoting your product can prove to be very profitable for all concerned.

Email or Newsletter Marketing

New customers can be acquired through targeted email marketing campaigns aimed at their business sector. They are also a great method for staying in touch with existing customers about new products and services you are developing.