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The 4-1-1 to Explainer Demo Videos

So what are they?

An explainer video or demo video is a quick video that is designed to educate you on how to use a product or service.

A demo video actually shows the product in action so you can see the quality of the results you will get by using the product (or how it will solve your problem).

Why would I want to do that?

Maybe your product or service isn’t tangible. Maybe it speaks for itself. Maybe an Explainer video isn’t on the top of your To-do list. But here is what you are missing out on… The whole aim of the video is to increase your conversion rates!

To reach maximum potential, you can even upload them to YouTube. After you have put them on your website and various other social media sites would be a good time to do this.

Many people use YouTube as their choice of search engine if they are looking for this kind of information. Now it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to engage with these people through YouTube. Hence why we have created this beginner’s guide to Explainer and Demo Videos.

We have outlined some basic things that you should consider when creating one for yourself.

Steps to creating your explainer video…


To get you started, we have come up with some questions to ask yourself at this point of your creative journey. Hopefully, with you answering these questions, you will have more relevant ideas in mind when designing your video.

What is the problem that your customers are facing? How can you provide them with a solution?

What are the questions that your customers are often found asking?

Is there something about your product that may put off your customers from buying it? (ex, If the customer cannot see the price straight away, they may look elsewhere where they can get any idea of price and value of a similar product?).

What kind of personality do you want to be expressed through the explainer video – how?

How do your customers feel about your company?

You have to answer these questions honestly and this will form the structure of your explainer or demonstration video.

Action Plan

Introduce your product.

Write a script. This is the main way you will deliver the message.

With the answers to the questions in the Brainstorm section, answer those before your customer even has a chance to ask.

Take advantage of the visual platform you are using. Show off the product’s features in use and how it solves the more popular problems that your cusotmers have.

CALL TO ACTION – ‘buy the product’ or ‘sign up for a free trial’ or ‘get in contact with us’. Make it sound simple, quick and easy.

Any other concerns expressed by customers; here is your chance to answer any final concerns, doubts or deal breakers that could convince even the more stubborn of customers.

EVIDENCE – to nicely end the video, some companies use the product or proof of happy customers.

Final Tips

If your explainer video sounds complicated, confusing or hard to understand your customers won’t even stick around until the end. They will be looking at other resources to see if they can find someone else to help them. One way to prevent this is to

AVOID BUZZWORDS! Talk to your customers the way you would if you were stood in fornt of them. Don’t have them googling on the other side of the screen what every other word means!

If your video confuses them or leaves them with questions they may not even bother with the whole idea at all. If that is the case, you have not only lost a potential lead. But you have potentially lost someone’s interest in any product type similar for you and other similar businesses.

If you have a lot of products or services, it is not necessary to have a video for each. If you choose to do a series of products just make sure that the structure is consistent in all of them.