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Using Video online is an effective, low cost method of giving your business a boost. In a time starved world Video is eye-catching and tells a story in less time than words on a page. Your video can be used to drive targeted traffic to your website where further information and your calls to action will be waiting.

Online video continues to grow and with simpler production requirements and increased online video sharing options the once high budgets associated with promotional video have fallen and are now well within the reach of small and medium sized businesses.

Online Video Marketing

The improvements in online video technology and wider compatibility across devices offers a greater number of marketing options for targeting the customer groups you are looking to attract.

Binge viewing, box sets and playlists has changed the way we consume online video, so a playlist of short, entertaining or informational videos offers relevant information to viewers in the way they want to view it.

Here are just a few of the videos we have made for our customers to help them promote their business.

Forge Custom Cycles Forge Custom Cycles are UK distributors of custom cycle parts, components and ready to roll custom cruisers
Hill Brush Company The Hill Brush Company are a world leader in brush technology specifically designed for use in food
The Marsham Court Hotel The Marsham Court in Bournemouth has for many years been one of the best known and
agriKomp Biogas agriKomp design and install anaerobic biomass plants aimed to give the farmer a way of saving money on
Charity and Community As part of our commitment to community and charity good causes we have produced promotional video and
Explainer and Graphical Videos With the ever growing power of mobile devices video has become a very simple way to
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Settle an argument in 1 second

Settle an argument in 1 second

Prior to the late 19th century, most pictures of galloping horses showed the horse with both of their front legs extended forward and both their hind legs extended to the rear. To our eyes today those pictures look old-fashioned, but to most of the people of the day, that was how they thought a horse galloped. They didn’t know any better. That was until a man called Eadweard Muybridge proved otherwise.

Muybridge, born Edward James Muggeridge on 9th April 1830 (whose 182nd birthday was celebrated recently on Google’s home page with an animation of a horse galloping), was an English photographer known for his pioneering work showing how animals run by using multiple cameras to capture motion. He famously invented the Zoopraxiscope, a device for projecting motion pictures that predated perforated film strip still used in cinematography.

It seems that Muybridge had a bit of an identity crisis as he changed his names several times in his career only settling on the name Eadweard Muybridge in the 1870s when he became more widely known for his work with Leland Stanford, an American businessman and race-horse owner. Stanford asserted that all four of a horse’s hooves are off the ground at the same time during the trot and took it upon himself, with Muybridge’s help, to prove it scientifically.

Muybridge arranged a series of large glass-plated cameras in a line, each one connected to a thread stretched across the path a horse would run through. As each thread was passed by the horse’s front legs, it triggered the camera’s shutter and took a photograph. The photos were copied onto a disc as silhouettes and viewed in Muybridge’s Zoopraxiscope. Later, in another series of photographs taken called The Horse in Motion, Muybridge showed how a horse gallops and is airborne, not with fore and hind legs off of the ground and fully extended as illustrated in the day, but rather when all the hooves are tucked under the horse as it switches between pulling with the front legs to pushing with the back legs.

So Eadward Muybridge, despite the change of spelling of his name, proved he was no Mug(geridge)! The series of photos Muybridge captured and displayed in his Zoopraxiscope are one of the earliest forms of videography. Muybridge’s moving images settled the argument about how a horse gallops in just 11 images displayed in a sequence which took less than one second to capture. A single still image can tell a story, but a series of still images, displayed in a sequence, can tell you more of the story.

Muybridge’s series of still images explained to the people of the day and told the true story about how a horse gallops. Today’s video cameras capture 25 still images per second (or 30 if you are in the USA). Video is the perfect method for telling a story and is being used increasingly by businesses today to tell true stories about their products or services. It works especially well when that story is difficult to explain or understand (as with Muybridge’s, The Horse in Motion), or when people want to see in action what you can do for them rather than have it told to them in words or single pictures.

You can see some examples below. Muybridge helped to settle the argument about how a horse gallops in less than one second – although it took him several years to perfect his invention to do it.

Today, using video, you have the opportunity to tell the story about your business’s products and services and demonstrate what you do in a clear and concise way too. You will need more than a second of video to do so, but between 30 seconds and 2 minutes should be ideal

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. But how many more is a video worth?

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How Can Video Make Your Business Successful

How Can Video Make Your Business Successful

Ever heard of Old Spice, the T Mobile Flash Mob and the Body Form Advert? If you haven’t then you’re still thinking what has that got to do with business anyway? Well this… do you want to be a business with a personality? Do you want to be a business with a success story? Do you want to reach a target audience in a blink of an eye? If the answer is yes then just ask Body Form, they’ll tell you, video is where it’s at. By responding quickly to a tongue-in-cheek post against them on Facebook they created a marketing wave that reached a global audience, gaining them huge positive public attention and over 4 million views.

Video is Priceless
As the fabulous people at Rafiki Media tell us,

“a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures”

and, as we all know, a picture may not tell the story we want to tell. Video on the other hand allows you, as a business, to express your personality, your values, your charm and show your consumers the real you! Businesses are often known for their elevator music or their automated messages, however, if you’ve a video with a focus on the human aspect of your company, then you can be sure that you’re reaching out to humanity and not to the computers of the world (they’re not watching but your consumers are).

Are You Bored Yet?
If you are reading this and thinking when can I stop reading then you’re a business in need of a video. Videos that have been successful are videos which tell a story, a story with which people connect and are triggered by emotionally. You can’t do that easily in 250 words, but in 2 minutes 50 seconds (or better still less) of video it is entirely possible, therefore increasing the ability to connect with your customer now or recall your  business in the future. Isn’t that what you want?

Keeping Tabs?
Social Media commentator, Don Power, argues that social media is the new calling card of business and by having a video you’re interacting with the whole social media network. You can post a video on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter and without fail people are more likely to watch a video and retweet/share/repost than a paragraph of text.

Are You Visually Represented? You Should Be…
We’re all visual creatures, if we can’t see something to an extent it doesn’t exist, so if your business isn’t promoting itself through video, then you might have some serious thinking to do. It has been said that though ,YouTube is not officially a search engine it is second only to Google in people using it to search for things, this can only continue to grow as Social Media does!

If you haven’t got to grips with YouTube and video, then our advice would be to start thinking about how you can promote your business through video. After all its free, easy to use and ridiculously accessible! So start thinking about how you’re going to use it… Start video blogging, creating a promotional video, or video real customer testimonials. The opportunities are endless to reach the customers you’re targeting! Whether you’re in the office, out meeting with clients, or even at a networking event, people want to know you and what you are doing as a business, so don’t delay… go ahead and show them.