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Is the world resting on your shoulders? Appealing to a Global Audience

Are you trying to appeal to a global audience? (No pressure). It is great that you have such a large market to sell your products and services too. This does mean more work for you though.

The more data that you gather or communicate with, the more difficult it becomes to discard any unnecessary ‘junk’ posts that do not actually benefit you. There are a few things that you can do just to take the weight off a bit:

  • Create more specific searches.
  • Use a tool online where you can filter the services from where you’ll gather the information.
  • Manual analysis also (so that you can discard data coming from unreliable sources).


As you are trying to reach such a variety of people, you probably have to handle a few social media platforms too. You’ll know already that different social groups or geographical locations focus on different social media sites.

One way that you can try to make your data more specific is by tracking these groups in their native language, which means you get less confused data and you can analyse where your audiences are coming from.

If you do keep up with this over time you can create a meaningful message that changes depending on the audience, their social trends, language, local news and events. All of this combines to create a more personal service remember so it will be worth it!