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Marketing to different Generations

Suspect 1 Profile

The Millennials aka The Fresh Meat

Age: 20-35 years

Skill: Can see through promotional lies. The Millennial is open-minded and accepting of other lifestyles and cultures.

Weakness: Filter out promotional materials, being exposed to so much of it and often miss out on deals. To target their weakness, you have to aim for their funny bone.

Unpredictable by nature, the Millennial is prone to impulse buying. Growing up during the rise of technologies and social media, a Millennial is comfortable with digital media, online shopping as well as being knowledgeable of other lifestyles and keeping up with the latest crazes. They tend to be highly responsive to funny content, out-of-the-box ideas, images and videos as a format. The red flag with the Millennial is that they are so comfortable that they filter our the promotional material. In fact, they are even immune to typical sales strategies and recognise a trustworthy brand from one that isn’t as if it were second nature.

The Solution: Get rid of those Christmas cracker jokes, and take a minute to come up with a funny one liner for your campaign. Try to be original if you can or revamp an old campaign. Stick to digital. Maybe throw in one of those cheeky pop-up discount promotions that appear as they try to navigate away from the page (There are statistics all over the internet that says that this is a deal-breaker for unsure customers).